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I love art and I love traveling. You can’t go wrong when you bring your art traveling along with you. 11:11 makes a wide range of artsy items for your personal needs!

My favorite is the Passport Holders!

Their Passport Holders protect and preserve your passport as they cover it securely.  Unlike other bulky, boring holders, these covers allow you to travel in style.  Dozens of cool, unique and rich designs to choose from.  This Passport Holder measures 3.75″ x 5.25″ when closed and fits all Standard U.S., Canadian, Mexican, Australian and EU passports.  In addition to your luggage & bags consider these passport covers among your top must have travel accessories.

There are five people in the family and trying to find what passport goes to who is not always fun, especially when you’re in a hurry. I love that each passport is different from eachother making it easier to find.

I picked the Flamingo because it kind of sounds like my last name.lol


My 8 year old picked the world map because of his love for traveling


My 6 year old picked the cat. Obviously the only reason is because the cat is wearing a tiara.


My 4 year old picked the plane because he is obsessed with everything transportation right now.


I love that we will stand out now amongst those plain blue passports! If you’re not a traveler that’s fine also. 11:11 makes a wide range of artsy items such as holders & wallets, books, jewelry, bags and more! These are a great gift idea for anyone in your life! I know I have a wide range of family and friends who would love these!

You can purchase these or any of their other items over at eleveneleven.net for $14.99

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