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Wow – if you have multiple children, you need to take a look at the Joovy Caboose Ultralight Tandem Stroller. As I travel with my 3 kids all under the age of 5, I value convenience, quality, and anything that will assist me in keeping three kids of different ages happy, easily transported, and safe. To check out Joovys huge selection click HERE

Weight: Named Ultralight appropriately, this double stroller travels well. Weighing in at just 21 pounds, it is 20% lighter than the original model and significantly lighter than many big, bulky double strollers on the market. The Ultralight folds up quickly with one touch of a button and by pushing forward. The clasp to lock the stroller down is a hook version, and is easy to use. The Caboose Ultralight folds super compactly for storage. In fact, it can be placed in the trunk of most compact cars. And at only 21 pounds, lifting the Ultralight in and out of your car is simple and easy
Recline: The front seat has 3 different recline positions Which is different from the 2009 models which only have 2 recline positions. The child riding in the back does not have a seat back, so no recline.
This is the seat full reclined! Making it easier for babies to nap! Though at this point the child in the back has
to use the standing option during that nap time

Basket Size: Wonderfully large basket with very easy access for child sitting in back, and storage pockets on the side! I am one of those moms who hate clutter, so when I do go places I take as little as possible, and I can’t stand bulky diaper bags! So the basket is nice to throw my wallet, a couple of diapers and our sweaters in and that way it leaves me more room to shop!
Parent Organizer: This deluxe Cool Essentials Parent Organizer slips on in Seconds! Over 2 feet of total storage- this organizer holds water bottles, cell phone, keys, sippy cups, iPod, and anything else you don’t want to lose! The beverage holders (2 of them) hold full size water bottles snugly – and even help to maintain the temperature of the drink (Cool Essentials!). The organizer even offers a small zipped storage compartment on the back for storing. This comes standard with every joovy stroller!
Child Tray: The tray contains two spots for sippy cups, and a nice flat surface for kids to play, eat snacks, etc. Well made and nicely positioned. I also noticed that the tray for the 2010 model come off allot easier than the 2009 which is nice.
Wheels: Good wheels on a double stroller are essential, and the Ultralight doesn’t disappoint. The wheels work well and are sturdy. A smooth ride for all. The 2010 model all come with the 4 wheel suspension also.
Canopy: Joovy has the canopy concept mastered. Their canopies are large, easy to use, provide excellent sun and rain protection for both front and back, and have a great look to them. We love the color – and have received many compliments on the color and canopy!

Though if I were to change one thing about this hood it would be the plastic
pieces that hold the hood open. They are very hard to use and very flimsy.I feel like they are going to
break when I use them to keep the hood open.

Infant Car Seat: The Ultralight comes equipped with a red safety harness to secure the infant car seat. When not in use, these red straps roll up and discreetly fit into the storage pockets on the side. The car seat adapter is very easy to use and remove. Instead of the tray, the adapter holds the car seat in place. Joovy provides a list of compatible car seats here: http://joovy.com/pages/carseat_ultralight.htm
Weight/Height: The Ultralight is rated for 45 lbs. in the front and 45lbs. in the back. As you can see my two oldest fit  very comfortably! I also can fit my 1 year old in the front and both kids can sit side by side in the back! No more whining!
Toddler Options: This fun seat can slide back and forth for the options of the child to either sit or stand and also has a harness to keep the child confined if needed. Any parent with an “independent” child will love that there are options for sitting, standing, or even pretending to be a “worker” on the back of his truck! My son will ask me to stop so he can jump off to pick up a leaf, and stand again on the platform with serious orders to resume our journey! He also has his very own mesh pockets on the back of the front seat within easy reach for him. Besides its wonderful ease of use, I think my favorite part of the Ultralight Caboose is that the older child has independence and options. Think about it – the youngest child usually need the most attention. As parents, we sort of depend on the older child to be more independent and well-behaved. The Ultralight recognized this and made the back seat the place to be!
As you can see in one of the pictures my 16 month old LOVES to stand in the back
and hold on and he can’t even walk yet!
This stroller over exceeded my expectations!
Go Joovy!
If you don’t want to wait for the contest head over to Joovy and go buy one!
You wont regret it!
To see a comparison chart between the other Joovy strollers click HERE
You will love all the different color options also!

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