8 Kid-Friendly Bathroom Ideas

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The bathroom is a place in which we spend surprisingly much time, and that’s true for your kids, too. However, unlike adults, they desire a playful environment. Equally important, you should make sure their safety and comfort is ensured in the whole house. So, if you share a bathroom with your kids, there might be some adjustments you will need to make so as to make it friendlier to them. If you’re afraid that’ll cost you an arm and a leg, check out Discountrue.com – there are plenty of coupons to all kinds of shops that will be able to provide you with everything you need. And, after all, is there anything more important than our children? Without further ado, let’s take a look at how you can revolutionize your bathroom for kids’ sake!

Purchase a Stepping Stool

Bathroom designers place mirrors and other tools used after a shower quite high to suit adult needs. If your kids use the same bathroom, a stepping stool can mean a great deal for them. Since they have to use the mirrors and other necessities just like you, it will ensure that everything is within easy reach for them.

Open Shelve

It’s never convenient to have your kids searching for bathroom necessities for a long time. An open shelve in the vanity keeps such items as, for instance, towels in plain sight for the kids. This helps them take less time in the bathroom and make them see bathing as an easy task.

A Bigger Sink

If you have more space in your bathroom, consider getting your kids a bigger sink. It helps them go about all their daily routine more easily, without the need to use intricate motor skills to avoid pushing over everything around. Also, some claim it’s easier to clean, too!

Don’t Forget About Art

Doubtlessly, art is one thing you can’t deny your children. Forget the living room and the bedroom; introduce art in the bathroom as well! Simple things like their photos and toys in the bathroom can make a huge difference, so the bathroom time gets more fun.

Storage for Toys and Other Items

Kids greatly treasure their toys and other personal items. Giving them a storage facility is a good gesture as a parent. Consider introducing baskets and drawers accessible to them in the bathroom. If you have more than one kid, give each one of them his or her own storage. This will help them feel loved and also avoid conflicts.

Protect Them from Hot Water

A particular water temperature can be good for you but a disaster in waiting to your kids. Introducing temperature control devices helps everybody to avoid burns when bathing or washing their hands. One of such devices is the anti-scald fitted on shower heads and taps.

Avoid Slippery Floor

A slippery surface can cause accidents not only to kids, but also adults. This is why you should choose carefully the kind of tiles to use in your bathroom. Porcelain tiles, for instance, have textured surfaces that prevent falling.

Easy Handles

This may sound trivial but it is actually quite important as far as your kids are concerned. A round knob handle used to open the drawer can be a nightmare for the kid, especially if the hands are soapy. A D-handle is ideal for kids’ little hands because it is easier to grab and pull, no matter what’s the state of your hands!

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