Alilo Children’s Digital Player

| November 4, 2014 | 0 Comments

A little bunny that sings children’s music! I like! The Alilo bunny is pre-loaded with 20+ popular nursery rhymes and bedtime stories to make learning fun for children. This is great for babies also which comes pre-loaded with white noise which is an excellent way to soothe your baby to sleep.


This little bunny packs a big punch allowing you to record songs and stories in your own voice and replay to your children. Has a USB port for any data transfer and a Micro card slot for extra storage!


Has a high quality speaker for great sound and a high-capacity rechargeable battery that lasts up to 5 hours! Eco and cost friendly! The tail is the knob to turn the bunny on and to adjust the volume.


The ears on the bunny are made with soft silicone and ¬†glow gently as a night light with color changing effects which I love! When the bunny is charging the ears will turn red when the bunny is recording the ears will turn green. To record your voice just speak into the bunny’s mouth.


The Alilo Children’s digital player would be a great addition to any home and comes in four great colors to choose from.


What color would you choose? Want to buy this? Shop for one HERE

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