Baby Jogger Summit X3 Review

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Strollers are a BIG investment. It’s a piece of baby gear that you will use longest out of any baby gear you own. From birth up to the strollers weight limit which is 75Lbs for this stroller! That’s like a 10 year old!  I see tons of parents that have multiple strollers for specific activities. Why? All you need is one stroller that can master everything, just like the Baby Jogger Summit X3 can do!


Have a newborn? No problem! Attach their infant seat by using a car seat adapter

Want to go jogging? Sure Why not!

Just want to go for a stroll ? Great!

You want to find a stroller that you can use from birth and on. That will allow you to Jog or walk just with a push of a pin. Now lets look at all the great features the Baby Jogger Summit X3 offers, Shall we?

The first major thing I look for when buying a stroller is the canopy size. Obviously when you’re using a stroller 85% of the time you’re outside. I want to keep my kids protected from all elements. Yes, kids can get skin cancer so it’s important to keep them out of  the sun as much as possible. The X3 offers a huge canopy that will be sure to keep them protected.


The canopy sits in little slots on the sides of the stroller that allow you to remove the canopy easily. There is also a second set of slots for accessories such as the car seat adapter.


What this canopy has that you don’t normally see on strollers is not one but two peek-a-boo windows!


And ventilation on each side of the canopy!


The seat relines almost flat by pinching the clips. Not sure if I like the use of these clips that are on here. It’s easy to lay the seat down but to get it back up it takes 3 hands. I would like to see more of a push up and snap seat on these strollers or on any stroller for that matter.



Caden was able to take a nice long nap while the seat was in the upright position.


The back of the seat has a mesh opening for air flow. Which is super nice for hot days. There is also a retractable cover for cooler days.

baby jogger

On the back of the seat you’ll find a nice size mesh storage pocket to store necessities.It’s great when you want to store stuff that yo udon’t want to dig for later.


The seat is nice and wide which is 9″ wide and the seat back is 21″ but up to the canopy  is 24″  I love that it can hold a child up to 75lbs also. That’s like a 10 year old! As you can see Caden fits quite nice. We really tested it out and was able to push our 8 & 4 year old at the same time in the stroller with NO slack! Video Below.


The foot rest is great for a luxury stroller, but I think for a rugged stroller like this I would have gone with plastic. Lots of dirt and god knows what could get stuck in their and with kids climbing in and out I don’t see the fabric lasting too long. But I have to admit it’s Caden’s place to sit.




The tires boast a 16″ rear and 12″ front quick-release pneumatic tires for all-terrain capabilities. This provides a smooth ride for all.



I love that you have options with this stroller. You can freestyle or Jog just by the flip of a switch located right by the handle bar!


The Summit X3 has not one but two braking options. The foot break is great for stroller parking


 The handle bar break is perfect for hilly terrain. It helps a lot when you’re strolling down hill. The handle bar is comfortable and has a good grip. I like that you can wipe it down easily.


This is the only stroller I have ever seen that has an alignment adjuster! Yes, that little red knob will adjust the alignment. If your stroller is pulling to the right, you twist it to the right, if it’s pulling to the left, you turn the knob to the left.


The Basket is big enough to hold a large diaper bag. The only problem I had was getting anything in. The back opening is very awkward. I was able to squeeze my camera through the side openings.


One of my favorite parts about this stroller is the one hand fold! Yes! You can fold this full size jogger with one hand! Just simply pull the lever located on the seat.


It folds Pretty compactly. For smaller cars you might need to take off the quick release back tires.


This is a great all-in-one stroller. Definitely kid approved!


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