Balboa Baby Adjustable Sling Review

| July 1, 2011 | 0 Comments
The Adjustable Sling by Balboa Baby is so soft and comfortable that “slinging” your baby will feel totally natural for both of you. Designed to grow as your baby does, the Balboa Sling offers parents hands free motion and promotes bonding. The unique contoured padded strap features a sleek design, yet evenly distributes your baby’s weight. The covered elastic trim ensures your baby is safe and positioned close to you, while the deep pocket design keeps baby snug and secure, allowing you to move freely without worry.
I absolutely love the functionality of this sling while using it with my 2 year old!  I was able to use it to where my two year old was secure on my back. With the padded strap it didn’t put tension on my shoulders and the nylon rings gave me the security that it would not break. Now the carrier will hold up to 25 pounds, not sure what my 2 year olds current weight is but the carrier seems to be holding up pretty well, not only that but my son loves how comfortable it is, he usually falls asleep with in the first 10 minutes of riding in it.
The Balboa Baby Sling also has a convenient pocket in the front to store small items.. If I am doing a quick trip some where I usually stick my credit cards in it..( shhh). The sling also adjusts to your and your baby’s needs which I love because we ALL know not all babies are the same size!
The Balboa Sling also comes in many different Patterns! Here are some of my favorites:
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