Bendastix By Fibre Craft Review

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Ever since  we received our first box of BENDASTIX my kids have been hooked! They love to build and create little things that spark their imagination.  You can view my review for the Big Box Here.

Up until now, if kids wanted to construct something they would stack plastic blocks, bricks or wooden sticks to make a bridge or building. Or they could design their construction by drawing in one dimension on paper. Now, new Bendastix will offer an enticing kit of soft construction components to build cars, flowers and kooky glasses– anything the imagination can dream up! patterned soft and squishy Bendastix is a cool combination of crafts and construction where kids can bend, mold and shape ( but never ever break). Best of all, the funky pieces can be reused next time to create a bracelet , a robot or hair band.

We were sent the Bendastix Bowz-

What ever your hair style, Bowz adds the perfect touch to today’s ‘do. Mix and match to create a fun head band or fashion accessory. Inside this kit are Bendastix, Connectorz and Charmz. This one of Laurens favorite kits to create!

bendastix 3


A girl can never have enough colorful Bandz for the wrist, head, arm and fingers! Open up this box and spread out 9 mini, medium or wide Bendastix, 4 connectorz  and 5 Charmz to create fashion ringz, headbandz, wristbandz, and armbandz. Add hearts or a peace sign to create an original work of art. Lauren reviewed this when she received the big box last time and she really enjoyed it.

bendastix 4


Need a clever party favor for boy and girls? Budz are wild characters made from flexing together any combination of 10 mini or medium Bendastix, 4 foam Thingamajigz and 27 Bendastickerz.

This was Caden & Ethans favorite!

bendastix 2

bendastix 1

Christmas is just around the corner and if you’re thinking of a gift for your child or someone elses child this is perfect!

Fibre-Craft’s Bendastix line has six creative kits priced affordably from $6.99-$19.99. Designed for children ages 6 and up, each Bendastix kit is packaged with a soft and squishy handle tempting youngsters to quickly open the box. It’s the ultimate in open-ended imaginative play.

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