Blendy Pens Coloring

| November 5, 2017 | 0 Comments

Coloring in this house is an all time favorite. My daughter isn’t into video games like the boys are so she resorts to her favorite, coloring, so were excited to see that Blendy Pens are back! Even better, they are back with a new twist!


Chameleon Kidz is adding a new twist to childhood coloring. Say hello to the return of the Blendy Pens, markers that offer a colorful palette with the stroke of a single pen! The results are stunning single-color gradations without changing markers. Lauren   raves over the way these pens work together. Just twist the pens together to fuze the many possibilities of colors!


The kit includes jumbo set of 24 Blendy Pens giving 276 color combinations, 10 posters, 2 stencils, 1 art portfolio and a Blendy airbrush! Lauren LOVES using the airbrush!

Check out Lauren’s action review on how the airbrush works!

Christmas is just around the corner! Make sure to add Blendy Pens to your list this holiday season.

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