Bob Revolution Duallie Review And Giveaway

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The BOB Revolution Duallie is one of the most popular jogging strollers out there. Its a wonder why? BoB takes pride in what they make and they know what moms want!

The Bob Duallie weighs a mere 32 pounds which is exceptional compared to what it can hold! The BOB Duallie can hold up to 100 pounds! That’s all three of my kids! I tried it out and put in my 2,4,6 year old who likes to sit on the foot rest.  The BoB handled it as if I didn’t have any kids in it! Both of my children love the face that they have there one separate space and accommodations! I also love that each seat reclines separately so One can nap and the other can explore!

The tires on the Bob Revolution Duallie are air filled which gives the stroller a smooth ride especially when your going to do a little off roading. Though you have to be careful of where you go which can result in a flat tire. I would defiantly recommend carrying an extra tube and tire pump.

Like I said my kids love how they have their own separate seat. My 2 year old loves to pull his sisters hair lately and this helps keep them separated and keeps me sane for awhile. My favorite part of all BOB strollers are their Canopies! See BOB thinks deeper into what the parents need and what the kids need. They made a huge canopy that will pretty much keep the sun off 85% of their body! That’s excellent!! The canopies also have a peek- a- boo windows so you can spy on your kids. LOL


I love that the Dually has mash pockets on the back of the seats for extra storage. It makes it nice to keep the kids items separated or if you just need extra storage for those fun shopping days!

The Duallie is easy to fold of coarse there are two steps to folding it.  Now fitting it into an SUV would be simple its a little trickier to get it into a sedan. Thats me.. When putting it in my trunk I have to take all the wheels off for it to fit. But BOB made quick release wheels so I makes it very easy to take off.
The BoB is a Jogger I defiantly recommend for safety and comfort!

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