Boon Fli Review & Giveaway

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Yo this crib is super Fli. Enough with the clunky mobiles hanging off your beautiful crib. Fli is fascinating, enchanting and graceful—just like real dragonflies. Change them up with articulating wings you can pose like action figures. (These buggers are part fairy tale and part mad scientist.) Attach them to the ceiling and watch them take flight.

This is allot different then most mobiles you see on cribs. This actually hangs from the ceiling with invisible
string to make it more life like. They actually come one fly per box, so if you want to do a cluster of them you might have to buy a couple of boxes. The best part is you don’t have to use them to entertain baby, you can use them as room decor also! My kids love them and my daughter now wants some in her room, but pink of coarse!
Want to win Not one but 2 Blue Boon Fli’s!
(wow try saying that 10 times)lol

Head over to Boon and brows through their items, come
back and tell me what you like besides the boon.

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