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Five years ago the beloved toy store chain Brilliant Sky Toys & Books had the brilliant idea to cull through 10,000 high quality kids products that overflowed the shelves of their 17 locations and pick a few favorites. They dubbed them the Brilliance Awards. This year’s 2014 award list features 10 products that are surprisingly low tech. For the fifth year in a row, parents and grandparents alike can use this brilliant list as a guide for holiday shopping, birthday presents and Thanksgiving homecoming gifts.

Based on the belief that the right playthings give children a gateway to physical, emotional and cognitive development Brilliant Sky Toys & Books provides the highest quality products in an atmosphere that is both active and interactive. Its unique aesthetic approach is vibrant yet warm, exciting yet comforting and exploratory yet safe. From rich colors and woods to low sightlines and custom fixtures the Brilliant Sky sensory experience is unlike any other.

 The Brilliant Sky chain chooses its Brilliance Award Winners upon quality, the value of open-ended play and the simple beauty of a child’s fascination and delight. With the huge variety of toy buying occasions coming up, there’s truly something for everyone represented in this great group of toys. From finger puppets, arts & crafts kits, dolls and building bricks, it’s evident that childhood playtime really hasn’t changed that much! So who won this lucky award?

BS_Winner Label

My kids had a chance to play with a few fun toys from list of ten that were awarded the Brilliance Award.  How exciting!!

Lauren was able to get crafty with the Loopdeloom weaving kit. Loopdeloom is an ingenious new loom design with spinning pegs that speeds up the weaving process and makes it super simple. The winner of multiple prestigious toy and craft awards, it’s simple to set up, it’s simple to use, and it’s surprisingly fast. So many things you can create, so many beautiful possibilities. Make anything from small basic potholders to large complex items with intriguing patterns. Weave purses and cell phone cases, scarves, wraps, baskets, throws and more. You can weave items any length, and up to 7″ wide using one loom. Connect two or more looms together to weave wider items with no seams – genius! Say goodbye to traditional looms, we’re putting a new spin on weaving! Kit includes 1 spinning peg loom and 120 yards of yarn to get you started.


Caden loves to build and what a better way to build and get creative then by using Squigz! Suction Construction! Squigz to build, bounce and stick to almost any surface – even windows! Super flexible Squigz can be assembled to create an impressive array of vehicles, robots, jewelry and more. Just as fun to POP apart! They’re fun little suckers.


Ethan got to Dive below the deep blue sea where there’s fish to gobble, treasure to discover and divers to save! You will complete each quest with the power of your pen, drawing your way through underwater scenes on the quest cards. But it’s not that easy! Players draw on separate transparent sheets and must trust their eyes in order to meet targets and avoid obstacles. This unique drawing game includes 36 illustrations and two levels to master. The bait of the challenge hooks kids for hours of fun!

I love knowing there is a toy store that only carries the BEST toys for my kids. It takes the hassle out of shopping, trying to find that perfect toy!

Want to win an award winning toy?! 

Winner will have their choice of one listed below

Squigz Starter Set (24 pieces)

Plus-Plus Mini-Basic (480 pieces)

Lottie Doll ( snow queen or autumn leaves)

Doodle Quest

Create Your Own Story Book

Super Stadium Baseball Game


Sew Cute Sets

Illustrated Adventure Stories and Illustrated Fairy Tales

Paint Your Own Porcelain Bowls

Enter Below

Starts 11/1 to 11/10

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