Bugaboo Donkey Review

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First of where do I start! I can literally go on all day at what the Bugaboo Donkey can do!
Isn’t she Gorgeous!
The Bugaboo Donkey is the Rolls Royce of all strollers.
And that’s and understatement..
Lets get started with all the awesome things this stroller can offer such as the basics of
the frame and how it works.
Bugaboo is smart.. can we just leave it at that? Ok… Ok.. The frame has three white clips, one on the front axel and one on the back axel and one on the handle. These clips, when opened allow you to slide the frame from single to double which makes this stroller amazing! Can you believe there are 17 different configurations this stroller can do! WOW!
The stroller comes in 3 modes depending on your needs.
 I will explain because it’s a little confusing at first..
 All 3 models share the SAME stroller chassis. So, whether you purchase the MONO, DUO, or the TWIN version, the stroller frame is exactly the same. The Bugaboo Donkey MONO is for parents with 1 child that are considering having a second in the near future. Like the Cameleon, it comes with the stroller frame, seat, and bassinet. It also includes a handy side shopping basket for a quick trip to the 
store or for storing those large cumbersome park toys. 

Also remember when buying this stroller that the frame of the seat is also the frame for the bassinet. You must take the fabric off the seat frame then attach the bassinet fabric onto the seat frame.

The mono is for parents with 1 child that are considering 
having a second in the near future. This mode comes with a seat and a bassinet.
It also includes a handy side shopping basket for a quick trip to the store or for 
storing toys or groceries and convenient handles to cary. As you can see I was able to store a
small comforter and still had room. This little basket can hold up to 35 pounds!

 Mono mode is considered just the seat or bassinet and basket. Great for single children.

Mono mode is 30 pounds and 23 inches wide which is the same as the Camelion .
So you can still easily fit through doors. Bugaboo says it’s the narrowest stroller on the market.
The seat or bassinet in Mono mode can either face out or face towards the parents.
What you get with the Mono
Duo mode is great for two children of different ages such as a new born and toddler. You get two seats and one bassinet. You simply expand the frame and add your seat and bassinet . The stroller in Duo mode is 29 inches wide so it will easily fit through a standard door way.
Or.. one seat facing forward or towards mom a bassinet
What you get with Duo mode
Is for parents with kids of the same age. Great for parents who are having twins. So you get
two seats and two bassinets.
What you get with the Twin Mode


You can also use infant seats, one or two depending on your Mode and needs. The car
seats that a compatible are as follows:
Graco Snugride 22
Graco Snugride 32
Graco Snugride 35
Maxi- Cosi Mico
Peg Perego Primo Viaggio sip 30/30
Graco Safeseat
Bugaboo offers different types of car seat adapters for the appropriate car seat, they even
offer a double adapter. You can check out bugaboo Donkey accessories HERE
The tires are nice and big to help maneuver through anything. They are air fill for a smooth ride and whats also nice is Bugaboo provides you with an air pump for those emergency flats. The back tires are 12 inches and the front swivel wheels are 10 inches. You can also adjust the wheels to be in a two wheel position for more difficult terrain.
The front tires also lock for better maneuverability in tougher terrain.
The brake is very easy to use. It only has one break pedal that works for both back tires.
Easy to do with shoes or flip flops.
The Bugaboo donkey folds up VERY compact 34.2″ x 23.6″ x 15.7″, so for all you with little sedans you can still own this stroller, though you will have to remove the tires, which is a cinch. Also unlike the Bugaboo Camelion you can fold the Donkey with the seats attached!
The seat of the Bugaboo has a removable sunshade, great to change out when you want a different pattern or color. The canopy itself is pretty big! Really helps keep the sun out. You can also purchase
a sun Parasol for added protection.
The seat has a padded 5 point harness with adjustable straps, and can hold
from newborn to 37.5 pounds per seat. Very Comfortable for baby.
Seat dimensions:
Seat Back: 47cm/18.5”
Clearance to hood: 53cm/21”
Width: 27cm/10.5”
Seat depth: 22cm/8.7”
Foot well: 26 cm/ 10”
Weight limit: 17 kg/ 37.5 lbs per seat
The seat has two different recline positions forward facing and
recline positions facing mom. 
The seat is very easy to remove and can simply be done with one hand. Just push down one clip ( it will stay down) and clip the other clip and lift the seat up off the base!
The Donkey also has an adjustable telescoping handle great for my 6 foot husband right 
down to my 4 year old who loves to push her brother. The handle goes all the way down to 33 inches and extends to 42 inches!
The bugaboo Donkey has a large basket underneath that has three large 
mesh pockets with in to store smaller items.
Even though this is the Mono stroller it’s still tough enough to let my 5 year old 
hitch a ride on the back when she gets tired of walking.
The Mono configuration includes the base and one seat for $1,200
The Duo includes the base, one seat and one extension set for $1,500,
The Twin includes the base, two seats and one extension set for $1,660
Extension kits are sold individually for $300.

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