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I always say boys have it so easy when it comes time to get ready. Five minutes and they’re done. But hey, they can’t go around smelling of strawberries and glistening with glitter.  I have to admit girls take longer to get ready but they also get to take advantage of all the yummy girl products out there. One such as Cheer Chics, a company that reserved their products for Cheerleaders and now it’s for everyone! Cheer Chics product line was created for girls who are full of spirit. Though, my daughter L is no cheerleader, she is definitely full of spirit!

Cheer Chics products are made with all natural ingredients such as Sunflower Seed Oil and Vitamins A & E. I want to keep their healthy, not damage it by using hard hair products and I love that I can trust Cheer Chics to keep my kids hair healthy. Not only can you find Cheer Chics on their web site, you can also purchase products at select saloons.

Lauren loves her products from Cheer Chics! She came out of the shower  after using the shampoo and conditioner and wanted me to smell her hair, which smelt like strawberries. I love that the Cheers 2 U shampoo will help defend hair against sun and heat damage. Lauren has really fine hair so I want to use the best products. The Cheers 2 U conditioner will get your hair smooth and sleek while tackling awful tangles which Lauren gets tons of. I also love how it moisturizes her hair! Another one of Laurens favorite products from Cheer Chic is the We’ve Got Sparkle hair and body glitter which comes in a variety of colors like Red, Blue, Pink, Gold, Purple, lime Green and Silver. Naturally she picked Pink.

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Not sure what to add as a stocking stuffer? We’ll make sure to pick up some Cheer Chics products! You can’t go wrong! In addition to Cheer Chics, Lucky Luna, is also the creator of Luna Stars Naturals, manufacturer of PINKI Naturali water-based nail polish, PRETENDi Naturali  all-natural facepaint, KLEE Girls all-natural mineral makeup, and SPARKLi naturali mineral play makeup. Don’t make your holiday shopping list until you’ve checked out the products from Luna Stars web Site.

Don’t forget to follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and discover their many products at leading specialty toy shops, kids’ spas and natural product stores nationwide.

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