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Just about everything you touch during the day involves electronics – turning on the lamp, microwaving popcorn or driving the car! If you peered deep inside any electronic appliance you’d discover they all start with a single circuit, linked to another and another. A new company, Circuit Scribe, has invented a remarkable pen that writes with conductive silver ink to create a working circuit. Now novice third graders and experienced high schoolers can have fun with circuitry and electronics in a totally new way. All they need is a piece of paper and a Circuit Scribe pen! Here’s a great video that will show you the magic and wow of how Circuit Scribe works.

Circuit Scribe can write on anything that a typical rollerball pen that has non-toxic silver ink. Printer paper, construction paper, cardstock and photo paper all work. Families have fun experimenting with different mediums! Based on anecdotes from Circuit Scribe scientists, photo paper performs the best because the ink is able to form a continuous film on the smooth surface.

We have the Ultimate Kit and I am amazed at how awesome this product is! I haven’t seen my children so involved in a toy before. The Ultimate Kit contains everything you need to create dynamic and fun paper circuits.  The kit features 10 magnetic connection cables let you hook up your paper circuits to programmable platforms like Arduino.  (Arduino not included.)  The kit includes everything from our Maker Kit plus extra LEDs, two DPDT switches, and a motor (see below for full list). With the Ultimate Kit, you can make complex, robust circuits while still using our accessible Circuit Scribe technology.


Caden had a blast creating circuits! He spent about an hour just creating things!



 Head over to CircuitScribe to save 15% off anything on the site by using code DASH15.  Let the early holiday shopping commence!

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