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When you’re a new parent bringing that bundle of joy home for the first time can be exciting and scary. Once you leave the hospital you’re on your own. No more nurses to monitor your baby in the nursery.  With my first child I let him sleep in the room with me since I didn’t feel comfortable leaving him in a room all alone. Especially when you constantly hear stories of SIDS. That is a scary term when you have a new baby. Getting a Cocoon Cam baby monitor can help alleviate these fears.

The Cocoon Cam is a revolutionary no-wearable baby breathing monitor. This means your baby can sleep in comfort while you monitor your baby’s breathing while sleeping. In fact it is one of the most advanced baby monitors in the world. Wearables or mats may help track your baby’s vital signs, but they also can create a potential hazard. The Cocoon Cam alone actually detects your baby’s breathing!

I mounted the Cocoon Cam 720p HD camera at the foot of the crib by the window. I hate dangling cords and this allowed me to hide the cord behind the curtain.  It took me 20 minutes to figure out where I wanted it and less than 5 minutes to install on the wall. I love that it also includes cord management to prevent the camera from falling but hate cords period. I wish everything was cordless.

Cocoon Cam monitors your baby continuously throughout the day and night in crystal clear HD video. During the day, you get a beautiful full color picture, and in low light conditions like nighttime, the video feed displays in black and white night vision.

Cocoon Cam smartphone app helps you stay connected to your baby whether you’re down the hall, across town, or around the world as long as you have full internet connection. Because all monitoring is displayed within the app, you’re never more than a click away from seeing your baby’s breathing patterns. Cocoon Alerts instantly notify you whenever something changes in baby’s environment.

The Cocoon app allows you to track breathing monitoring, instant alerts, and sophisticated sleep analytics. You’re instantly notified when their advanced computer vision senses periods of especially low or high movement, when the baby is out of the crib, or when the camera goes offline. You can also download the app on multiple devises to keep other family members in the loop.

My favorite part of the Cocoon Cam baby monitor is the Swaddle Stories. This allows you to review and share the highlights of your baby’s night. Each morning, the Cocoon Cam app will automatically generate a short video that shows the highlights of baby’s sleep, overlaid with cheerful music.  You can also share with family and friends right from the app, or download so you can edit or save them long-term!

The Cocoon Cam baby monitor was developed with the help of doctors and has been tested in hospital NICUs including Stanford University and UC San Diego which makes the Cocoon Camera more desirable for me.

With Cocoon Cam  you get 6 months free with your purchase of one or more Cocoon Cam systems, and the subscription fee is $12.99/mo after the initial free trial period. With the subscription you get Cocoon Alerts, the Breathing Graph, and Swaddle Stories.


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