Crozzit Game For Kids

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We love a good game in this house but lets not tell the kids the benefits of playing the Crozzit game is much more than bragging rights over a sibling or best buddy, and trust me, my kids are very competitive. My kids brains actually get a good workout while sitting at the kitchen table instead of playing video games eating junk food. This board game actually helps teach basic skills like paying attention and the ability to concentrate and focus are lifelong habits that can be nurtured in a round or two of Crozzit.


The game is very simple to play. To start, pick a color and carefully make a path across the grid. Two edges are blue, and two are yellow. Each player gets 30 small tiles, 1 large and 1 extra large tile. Player 1 needs to make a blue line connecting the 2 blue sides of the board as Player 2 connects the yellow sides using the yellow tiles. The challenge is to get across, first, while at the same time blocking your opponent.

There are only 18 steps from one side to the other, so you’re never far from victory, but no game is ever that easy! The boys have been having a blast playing this game on their down time. I love that it’s a game that actually stimulates their mind and makes them think. This game has been a life saver on long car trips and hotel stays also!

Look for Crozzit at at Target, Amazon, Toys R Us and Walmart.Or check the handy online store map at Identity Games’ . It’s great for family play or as a gift!

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