Curious George’s Town App Review

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I honestly think my kids use my phone more thtn I do! That’s perfectly ok as long as they are learning something useful.

Curious George’s Town is a fun educational app perfect for every little builder. Instructive games allow children to earn coins, learn about saving, and eventually purchase items to build a town. With the guidance of The Man With The Yellow Hat, kids can sort vegetables in the market, learn the alphabet at the library, feed the animals at the pet store, and help recycle at the town park.

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In addition to the coins children earn in each game, parents can use a customizable reward chart to set external tasks for their children like setting the table or cleaning up their room. Parents can then reward their children with additional coins when they’ve completed their task. Curious George’s Town encourages kids to save their coins in order to buy items such as dinosaurs, circus tents, roller coasters, and farm animals.

Curious George’s Town teaches children to delay spending (deferred gratification) in order to accomplish a goal (building their town). As children defer gratification, they learn to plan activities, set goals, and make strategic choices. And buy dinosaurs, of course.

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From HMH – the creators of Hall of Fame inductee Curious George at the Zoo, and Children’s Technology Review Editor’s Choice pick Curious About Shapes & Colors – Curious George’s Town is another beautiful designed adventure for children in preschool and kindergarten brimming with curiosity.

•A beautifully illustrated town view in which children can use the coins they earn to buy exciting items, such as a fire station, a roller coaster, farm animals, and even dinosaurs!
•Humorous, engaging narration from The Man With The Yellow Hat
•Parents’ section with a customizable reward chart for external chores like making the bed

•Feed the animals at the pet store
•Decorate a cake at the bakery
•Sort books at the library
•Clean and recycle at the park
•Navigate through the town square maze
•Collect items from the checkout at the grocery store

Caden loved recycling and it teaches him how to organize  at the same time

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He also loves playing the pet store! You select an animal that has a yellow bar next to it..

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Then a window pops up and you select the correct item for that specific animal.

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I highly reccommend this app! You can purchase it on Itunes for a quick download.

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