Dareway Scooter Review

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We all know we want a Segway of our own. My kids envy the mall cops near our place because of those super cool Segway they get to ride around on! Who ever thought that a toy version of one would come out?! Well Famosa racked their intelligent brains together to make that happen!

Building the Dareway Scooter was fairly simple. It took about 45 minutes to put it together. I helped a little bit then decided to let grandpa do it. There were tons of stickers for both boys and girls to spice up your Dareway with.  The kids had a blast making it their own. Then of course the rest of the stickers ended up on their walls and doors. Pretty funny if you ask me.


Kids will the love the cool styling and fun way of experiencing driving action when they ride on the Feber Dareway 12V Standing Ride-On Scooter. A foot pedal accelerator controls forward motion, while handle-grip buttons allow left and right turns and 360° spins. When both buttons are pressed at once, the scooter travels in reverse. We took this out to the park and it definitely turned heads!

At first Caden had a hard time getting used to the buttons but once he learned he was on the move! No joke! It takes a little getting used to at first. The Dareway can become jerky if you try to turn and accelerate at the same time. When you push the button to turn it automatically shuts off the accelerator.  Makes sense of safety reasons. The tires are plastic which causes the tires to spin even on cement. He thinks he’s so cool now.


The foot pedal accelerator controls forward motion which allows you to move forward at 3.7 m.p.h in forward and reverse motion.


Handle-grip buttons permit left and right turns, 360° spins and reverse motion. If you push both buttons at the same time your Dareway will reverse.


The Dareway will hold one rider up to 89 lbs. Naturally I wasn’t about to follow the rules and hopped on myself. Don’t judge! Mama needs to have some fun also! I was actually surprised to see that it was able tote me around. The only thing I would like to see change is the plastic tires and the battery life. Other than that this toy is exceptionally fun!

 Below is a video of the Dareway in action! enjoy!

This post was originally written by Kathryn Flamme who blogs at BabyDashCo dot com.  She can also be found on Twitter at @babydashco

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