Disneyland With Kids On A Budget

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Ahhh. Disneyland. Where dreams really do come true…
Disneyland is our favorite kid friendly place to visit. We go all the time since we have an unlimited
amount of free visits. I have learned a lot on my many trips to Disneyland with 3 kids in tow.
When planning a trip to Disneyland the first thing you think about is hotel stay. If you’re on a budget I wouldn’t recommend the Disneyland Hotels since they are twice as much as the surrounding hotels that are just as good. Plus why spend hundreds of dollars on a room that you’re not going to spend any time in? You can use that extra cash to buy goodies.
There are two hotels I love staying at that are not Disney related. Don’t get me wrong the Disney hotels are great but even with my hefty discount at the hotels I can still find cheaper within walking distance.  Now it’s different for all people. Some people don’t mind splurging on a nice hotel especially if it’s a dream trip and that’s fine. But in my case, I live 35 minutes from Disney so staying the night would just be for fun & cheap.
My #1 Choice Hotel
We frequent this hotel often, in fact this is our hotel of choice when traveling.  The rooms are huge and they offer a complimentary breakfast which includes array of hot & cold foods. My favorite part about this hotel is the FREE happy hour from 6-7pm. Yes you heard me right! All you can drink! Not only does this hotel have top notch amenities it’s only 1 mile from Disneyland! You can choose to walk or you can pay a couple dollars to take the hotel shuttle. You get your bang for your buck at this hotel.
My #2 Choice Hotel
This hotel was really nice and the price wasn’t bad either. The rooms are spacious and very clean.
As you can see the first thing my kids love to do is jump on the beds..
The continental breakfast was Blah..
Most of these hotels don’t offer much food wise but because this hotel is literally
 across the street from Disneyland makes it well worth it. This was the path..
 The next thing to think about is what to bring. I was one of those moms who brought every baby item possible because I thought I would need it. Lets just say I learned a big lesson and got rid of all strollers when Caden turned 3. Why would I do such thing you ask? Well because my older kids got lazy and would want to ride in the stroller and fight. The only thing I would bring is my Ergo Carrier. It has a pocket to store my wallet and that’s all I needed!! Yes that simple! My youngest would walk until he got tired or wanted a nap and then I would just stick him in the carrier! I learned that my kids could walk all day and be fine.
Oh.. If you’re nursing I have compiled a great list of rides to nurse on! I’ve done it many ‘O times.
Pirates of the Caribbean
Haunted Mansion
The little Mermaid
It’s a Small World
Pretty much any dark ride that goes slow will do.
As a photographer Disneyland is one of my favorite spots! There are SO many photo
ops! I have done many photo shoots with my kids here. Here are some that I’ve done.
That’s our Disneyland adventure. Stay tuned for more reviews!

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