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If you have children of school age you’ve had the tooth fairy show up at least once. I have three children so the tooth fairy comes a lot. Sometimes, she forgets because the tooth fairy is so tired because she fell asleep waiting for the energetic child to go to fall asleep to carefully take the tooth from under the pillow and leave money without waking the child.. It’s a stressful process!

 Dreamland Fairy created a fairy house to allow the tooth fairy to easily swap out the tooth for a surprise. The fairy house is an 8-inch-tall, peaked-roof wooden home that arrives unpainted. Great for your child to customize and make their own. Inside the kit is a story book, paint, brush, decorations and … a packet of glittery fairy dust.



How it works?

While a Tooth Fairy might visit a few times a year if a fallen tooth is tucked under a pillow, a Dreamland Fairy flies from Fairyland into the house while a child is sleeping on any given night. According to the accompanying book, in Fairyland, fairies tell stories to each other, but one night they run out of stories to tell. That is when one of the fairies has the idea to fly close to human children as they sleep, to listen to their dreams.

The DIY fairy house has a special secret flower door on top that lures the fairy in at night and by morning, if the front doors are open (wink wink mom) then the fairy came to listen to their dreams.

 There’s a twist with the Dreamland Tooth Fairy Fort. Instead of a fairy having to search under a lumpy pillow and heavy head in the dark of night, kids place their fallen tooth inside a treasure chest in the fort.  The fairies can safely hide inside their fort until a tooth in the chest is ready to be retrieved. When kids awake, the tooth is gone and replaced with a treat.

Considering all children loose teeth. This is the most genius idea! This will make the “tooth fairy” visits so much easier. My daughter had a blast customizing her fairy house! Isn’t this so cute?



This is a great gift for any child! You can purchase Dreamland Fairy for $24.99. Use Code FAIRY10 to save 10%

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