Dropcam helped me catch a criminal- Review

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I’m going to switch it up a bit and tell you why I LOVE Dropcam after one day of use.

Here is my true story.

I had received my Dropcam for review in the mail yesterday morning. I had decided to set it up before I left the house for a free hotel stay that I won in Anaheim. I had the hardest time trying to figure out the best place to put it. I am temporarily living in an apartment until we figure out where we want to buy a house so the walls are bare and I didn’t want the camera to be too noticeable. So I decided to hide it on an accent table in the living room. So I set it up and headed out the door.

While at the Hotel I enjoyed peeking at my Dropcam App and watched my living room live. I still wasn’t familure with the whole process yet and what it actually offered but it was cool so far. All I knew so far was watching it live.  I peeked in about two times while away. The next morning I wanted to take a peek at my house again as usual from the looks everything was A-OK. I looked down on the App and noticed that it records when there is movement and saves it to your app. I was looking through and Low and behold… I noticed something that every family dreads.

A young man in my home that shouldn’t have been there. Yes. My house was robbed.

The drop cam caught this guy going through the slider door behind the couch, flipping ver the couch to avoid stepping on it and running into the room. I know this wasn’t his first time in our home because he seemed to know right where to go. He finally ran back out and hopped over the couch and shut the door. He didn’t stop there. He came back and went back in the rooms and the kitchen again.

Watch part of  the chilling video of his first entrance thanks to Dropcam —->  My New Clip

*there is much more video but decided to just show a clip for safety reasons*

I didn’t show more because I didn’t want to show his face. But the pictures below are of him coming back out of the room.


A closer view of him with my kids Ipods

dropcam 1

Before this all happened I had been noticing small things missing but I assumed it was my kids. Now I know that this wasn’t the first time he’s been in our home. He was shown on video coming in not once but twice in a matter of a couple of minutes. Luckily my son was able to identify him and we had video to positively verify.

I know I received this camera yesterday but this is all I need for a review to show that anything can happen. I for sure was not expecting this to happen and am still freaked out. I’m glad I set up the camera before I left out-of-town instead of waiting until I got back otherwise this guy would’ve never been caught! I raced home today and called the police. They were happy that I had this video because it helped to identify this guy. Now he will be put to justice. I always felt safe here and never thought someone would break in especially at 2 in the afternoon!  But DropCam proved me wrong crime happens at anytime of the day!

I am so thankful for Dropcam and I would highly recommend getting one! My sister who was with me and my mom want one now. We were all baffled!  If you don’t have Dropcam I would buy one just for peace of mind, I set mine up expecting nothing and look what happened. You can use Dropcam for all sorts of stuff!

I told the police officer to show him this video just so he feels even more dumber than he already is!

Thanks Dropcam! You helped me catch a criminal!

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