Durango Colorado

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Durango Colorado is a small little town nestled in the mountains. A quiet little place with not too much to do.

Durango Colorado

We Stayed at the Durango DownTown Inn that sat right on the River. It was the closest hotel to the train station that was walking distance. The Durango Inn was a nice hotel to stay at for the night.

Durango Colorado 1

durango Colorado 8

The rooms were spacious & cozy


The hotel had a nice indoor pool, spa and Jacuzzi for the kids to burn off some energy. Even a gym to accommodate those health conscious visitors.



We did a little window shopping before it got dark. There are a lot of cute little shops next to the train station. He only wishes…lol


I don’t know about you but my kids love trains and that’s an understatement. Caden was obsessed with the trains coming in and you were so close!


If you get bored of Durango you can take the train ride up to Silverton Colorado!

Durango Colorado 2

The train ride is two hours each way so make sure your little ones have plenty on snacks and things to do. You can also purchase snacks and drinks on board. The trip there is absolutely stunning. You ride right by the river, go through tunnels and see lots of wildlife. It’s a train ride definitely worth taking. I got a lot of really cool shots.

Durango Colorado 3

Durango Silverton Train


The train takes you up to a tiny little town called Silverton. It’s really small and they only give you so much time. Though it was just enough time to have lunch and shop around a bit. That little street that you see below in the picture is literally the town. That’s it.

Durango Colorado 5

Durango & silverton are great places to visit. Really not much to do for kids but they sure did love the train ride!

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