Ergo Performance Carrier Review

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ERGObaby is thrilled to announce the new Performance line of baby carriers! Made of durable, lightweight, and breathable fabric, the ERGObaby Performance carriers are made to accommodate all active moms and dads. The Performance carriers feature a high-performance polyester exterior, ideal for outdoor activities in all climates; a breathable mesh lining, keeping babies and parents cooler and more comfortable; and a cooling panel for extra wicking. The attached sleeping hood stores easily in zippered pocket. This sleek, streamlined design offers a smooth, supportive fit for parents and babies of most sizes, and can still be used to carry babies from newborn to toddler on the back, front, and hip positions. Of course, ERGObaby’s Performance line supports the correct ergonomic position for both babies and parents.
When I had received my Grey ergo performance in the mail I instantly noticed the difference between the “original Ergo” and the performance. Much lighter and the fabric is totally different. There are quite a few differences between the ERGO Performance and the Standard ERGO. The shoulder straps are a big one…the straps on the Performance are waaaay less padded, but in a good way! The straps still felt supportive with my chubby girl and I, of course with a chubby baby, LOVE the ERGO’s seat darts which really give the baby a true, ergonomic seat to sit in. I also like that there is a touch of leg padding on the sides of the body to cushion baby’s legs.
The Performance is 1/3 lighter than the standard ERGO  and it’s made of breathable fabric. It does still have a sleeping hood, but instead of just rolling up in the pocket (yes! There IS a pocket!!!), it rolls up and then the pocket can zip shut (and the hood will stay put!). The hood seems really breathable, too and can also be detached.
The inside of the body is lined with mesh panels and Cool Max lining which also gives it more breathability. Not sure how much cooler this will actually make you when babywearing in the heat, but every little bit helps!
I absolutely LOVE ergo and will buy one over another carrier any day! Head over to 
Ergo Facebook Page and show them some love!

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