Evenflo Amp Performance Backless Booster Seat-Plum

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It’s that time to move your child from their convertible car seat to a booster seat. What do you choose? What brand do you choose and most importaintly..What color!!? LOL. I’ve always loved Evenflo, it’s a brand that I trust. My son and my daughter both use the Evenflo Amp Performance Backless Booster Seat and they love it!


The Evenflo Amp Performance Backless Booster Seat is light weight (3.85 lbs!)

Has UV protection

Easily cleanable! The seat cover is easily removable and washable. Just wipe the rest with a damp cloth!

Not one, but two cup holders!

Arm rests

Compatible with shoulder seat belts

Meets ASTM Standards

Lauren loves her Evenflo Amp! I love that she doesn’t complain about her bottom hurting like she did with previous boosters. The Amp is padded very well!

Amp Booster Seat

If you’re a stylish mom like me you’ll also love the Evenflo Amp comes in many different colors and styles to choose from! Your child will love picking out his/her booster!

We give Evenflo Amp two thumbs up!

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