Evenflo Modern 200 high Chair Review

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The Modern 200 High Chair offers the perfect blend of convenience, durability, and style to help make feeding more enjoyable. Featured for comfort and cleanliness, this high chair is fully adjustable and offers easy to clean surfaces. In addition to its functionality, the Modern 200 High Chair offers a stylish design. A stylish comfy seat pad, crisp white surfaces, and ‘stainless steel’ like tubing combine to create the perfect high chair design for your modern kitchen.


I love the fabric design! It’s great for any hip baby. It’s super soft and washable for your convenience. 
The seat pad also includes a 5 point harness to keep your little one safe from falling out.

The Modern 200 High Chair has a 3 position recline. Great for little ones who are just
starting on solids. I would not recommend using this for a newborn.

The recline is super easy to use. You simply just lift the seat up so the medal bars exit the
slots and put them in a new slot to your liking of the adjustment.
What I love about the Modern 200 is the 6 height adjustments! Yes.. 6!
This High chair can go as low as my three year old  3’4 son. He loves this position
because he’s free to get in and out as he pleases.
It’s really easy to adjust the height! Just click the two buttons on each side of the high chair.
I really recommend taking the child out before trying to adjust it.
Another great feature is the tray. I am a clean freak and love to keep things presentable.
Most foods stain which drives me nuts especially when the magic eraser just wont work. The tray has a dishwasher safe tray insert to keep the main tray nice and clean.

The tray is so simple to remove with one hand. Just pull the lever in the front of the tray.
The tray has four positions to choose from. To move the
tray back and fourth just use the levers on the sides.

The foot rest is nice and big and can accommodate a child with big feet like my son.
I also love that you can wipe it down easily when food falls onto it.
The Evenflo Modern High Chair comes with rolling front wheels in the front and
stationary stoppers in the back. This has it’s pros and cons.
Pros: High chair wont roll away into the jungle when you turn your back
Cons: Can’t easily move on a whim it with child in it.
It’s just a minor issue if you like to move your baby around the house while your doing chores.
You have to lift the back of the high chair to move it.

The Modern 200 high chair has a slim fold which is great when you’re limited on space.
It fits perfectly in my hallway closet when it’s not in use.

To fold the high chair is really easy. Just push down both levers on each side of the chair.

You can purchase the Evenflo Modern High Chair at
Amazon & Walmart

Also go check out Evenflo on Facebook & Twitter


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