Fibre Craft text-UR Foam Review & Giveaway

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Attention parents! Make room next to the construction paper, crayons and pipe cleaners because there’s a new medium in town- text-UR Foam! Fibre-Craft, a leader in kids arts & crafts, had brought craft foam to a whole new dimension, text-UR Foam lets you feel  the fun by combining interesting textures with an added 3D element to make projects stand up and stand out! Using 3D space-urs, peel and stick, stackable squares included in most text-UR Foam products, create and instant wow effect and make ordinary arts & crafts projects extraordinary.

Priced from $2.99 to $8.99 even kids on a budget can relish the art of making something with their hands, no drawing, coloring, or painting required. Parents will quietly celebrate as kids unplug from their computers, TVs and hand-held gadgets to participate in this seemingly lost form of play. Concentration, dexterity, creativity and patience all come together when kids stop and sit down to creat art, maybe that’s why there’s art in this smart form of play!

Text-UR 1

My kids loves arts. I mean they will sit for hours and color or make some kind of thing out of paper. Unfortunately they leave a huge mess of scrap paper behind after cutting it. Fibre Craft makes really neat foam 3D kits! Your child can get creative making brightly colored flowers, forests, frames and animal friends.

Text-UR 2

The  text-UR Foam 3D Kit comes with a combination of raised patterns and 3D spacers. Each foam pad has six different textures to mix and match & to create the look and feel of the real thing and a peel, stick and stack to make your pictures stand out.

Text-UR 5

My kids made some really cool things using Text-UR foam

Text-UR 3

Text-UR 4

Want to win one of either the Crafty package or the Standard package?

Starts 8/31 to 9/14

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