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There are so many benefits to having your child in school. They are learning and engaging in so much. But what about at home? You want your children to continue to thrive at home just as they do at school.  My First Lab’s has made a professional grade microscope at a budget-friendly price which is a wonderful investment for the whole family.

My children love to learn. So, when I introduced the Duo-Scope starter kit, they couldn’t wait to use it. I love seeing the reactions they get when they look at samples of odd things in the microscope. All I heard was “Oh My Gosh”, and Mom come look at this! Since the kit can with extra slides to capture your own sample, they were all over the house trying to find stuff to use. One of them being our dog’s saliva!

The Duo-Scope starter kit comes with an array of items such as :10X eyepiece, 4X, 10X and 40X objectives, Dual focus knob, Top and Bottom LED lights, Battery operated and last but not least a 40 Piece science accessory kit with experiment guide, including Brine Shrimp Eggs Specimen Vial, Hatchery, 3 Empty Specimen Vials, 1 Yeast Specimen Vial and many more! Tons of stuff to keep your little scientist busy for hours.


Another great product to add to children’s magnifying curiosity is the Smart Phone Inspector. This little guy is magnifying on the go. This is an adaptable add-on for any smartphone or tablet with a built-in camera. Everyone can discover clues and examine evidence with ease as the Smartphone Inspector features 60X magnification, giving incredible clarity on everyday items kids encounter. Makes a wonderful holiday gift for big kids (teens to Dads) too!

Look at all the cool images we captured using the Smart Phone Inspector! We were able to easily screen shot our images.

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