Five point Harness?? Really??

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What is the point of a five point harness if they don’t do the job?? Right? Well yea.. If they are newborns.
All these companies throw the word out to often to make the product look even more appealing.. But does a five point harness really work??? Ummmm…NO!!!
Number one: Strollers like this one
The straps can be on the tightest setting and my son…well… can still get his arms out.. Yes he is still strapped in by the waist but what is the point of having a five point if it’s not going to do the job, and I’m talking about all the stroller lines who have five point. Why don’t you try sewing on a chest clip?? Not the kind of chest clip you might find on a car seat.. those suck also.. I will get to that next.. I’m talking about using the same type of fabric as the harness, sewing a piece on each side with the clips. The child will be 100% more secure and can wiggle out..Right? Then companies can call it a true five point harness.
Number 2: Car Seats
My son has this car seat and it looks pretty secure right.. Well this and all the car seats out there have the same problems. The chest clips.. I mean come on.. My son moves the chest clip down and takes his arms out of the straps causing me to pull over and fix it ( he has been doing this since I put him in a convertible car seat).. but it can’t be fixed.. He just does it over and over which makes it very unsafe. Last night on our way home we were using our extra car seat (an evenflo) in my hubby’s car and my son took his arms out of the straps and tried opening the door and rolling the windows down..  Again.. they need to have chest clips that a permanently on the straps that wont move up and down.
Number 3: Just throwing this in
Shopping carts.. You want to make moms happy right?? Well the belts on your shopping carts suck.. No matter how tight I do the belt my child can weasel his way out, then he ends up standing up and crawling all over the cart then getting told by an employee that your child needs to sit.. and this is going to force me to hold him because my child can’t sit because the belt will not hold him in… Me… Not so happy.. It would not hurt to add a five point harness with a chest clip..
How many moms or dads have this problem and agree with me? Leave me a comment below on how you feel.


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