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I’m a parent and I want nothing more than to start my children out right by feeding them healthy meal options. As I realized sometimes eating healthy is not an option and you’re forced to either eat out or pick up something quick. I don’t like those options because they are unhealthy and cost way too much to eat out. I see so many kids who are obese and my first thought is ” darn those parents!” .  Yes, I agree that some cases are medical issues but that’s rare. The sad thing is most of these obese children live in a home of obese families. I cringe at the sight of lazy parents who can’t take care of themselves which rub off on their children. Ok, enough of my ranting.

When I’m on the go I love to use Fresh Baby products. They make a line of at home and to-go containers & utensils to inhibit the use of fresh home made food for on the go.


My favorites items are the kids & adult water bottles! Great for trips outdoors! Their kid-sized collapsible water bottle makes carrying a reusable water bottle easy and convenient.  It stands tall when full and folds neatly when empty – small enough to fit in a lunchbox or backpack. It’s lightweight, easy to drink from, and features a carabiner so it is easily attached. The water bottle is freezable too, so you can use it as an ice pack and drink it as it thaws. You can even write your child’s name on it, so your bottles never get mixed up. Fresh Baby’s collapsible water bottle is free from harmful chemicals like BPA. Made of extra strong FDA approved material, it is top rack dishwasher safe, so it’s easy to clean.


We also love the cutlery set which we use with the so easy divided dish. Great for school lunches!Dish250 Cutlery-Case-250

These item make it so easy for me to allow my kids to take meals on the go that are home made and healthy! You can also find on their web site homemade baby food kits, baby food cookbooks, baby food and breast milk storage trays, breastfeeding reminders, child development diaries and has expanded to include toddler cookbooks, the newly released Kid’s Portion Plate and a new line of stainless steel dishes. It’s great!

The facts are disturbing. One in six children attending school today are obese. The number of obese preschoolers has doubled in the last three decades and 30-40 percent of these children are now at risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes. More alarming still, a staggering 80 percent of overweight children will grow up to be obese adults. Fresh Baby believes one of the key to solving this healthcare crisis lies with parents.

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