Give Your Child A Rock Star Birthday

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As a creative mom I try to think outside the box, especially when it comes to birthdays. Yes, we’ve done the parties.. Yawn. It’s seem’s very repetitive and with all the money I spend on parties why not just do something different?  It’s a little tough for my family because Lauren & my nieces birthday are one day apart but a two-year age difference.  I wanted to do something  that would make them feel like rock stars. We had planned to drive ourselves to L.A and go shopping at the Grove. But with me being me I wanted to step it up a notch and surprise them with a limo waiting for them at the front door. The girls look on their face was priceless!


The driver wanted to take us where ever we wanted to go but we had one place in mind. The American Girl Store! The girls loved the limo ride! We blasted the music, drank tons of sprite had the strobe lights going and had a great time!


We arrived at the American Girl Store & they were like kids in a candy store! Grandma spoiled them and bought them dolls, let them pick out matching outfits for them and their dolls and even had their dolls ears pierced!


After all the fun shopping we went to the tea party/lunch that American Girl provides.




Then we went shopping some more! It was so much fun!




The girls still talk about it till this day!

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