GroVia My Choice Trainer Pants Review

| November 1, 2012 | 0 Comments
Potty training has been something I am some what pro at now. I mean, I would at least thinks so since I have potty trained two kids and one child in the process, right?
My 3 year old is potty trained except for night time which means he wears a disposable pull up every night. This is great for me becasue it keeps the sheets dry at night but not good on the wallet. Pull ups aren’t cheap. I had just ran out of my last disposable pull-up and thankfully my patientlly awaited GroVia My Choice trainer showed up in the mail. I was so excited that GoGo Natural made a todler pull-up that was not disposable! It was a dream come true for this mom!
My son loves them becasue they are so soft. No leaks so far in the bed which is a plus for me! I also love that they are easy to wash. However they do take some time to dry so make sure you have more than one on hand. It worth not having to buy dispoables anymore.
The GroVia My choice trainer features a unique pull up design with interchangeable Side-Flex panels, a hidden layer of hemp/cotton blend with a pocket for adding extra absobancy and their exclusive GroCool lining, the outter is made of waterproof TPU, and rise snaps for a more custom fit.
They have 6 different side panels your child can choose from.
 These not only are envornment friendly but really cute!
You can purchase the GroVia my trainer pants HERE

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