HABA Playset Hound Leo Review

| July 10, 2013 | 0 Comments

Ah yes, animals are so cute and loveable. My kids keep begging me for a dog but we have to wait until we are settled in a house. Honestly thought I think I keep putting it off because animals are a huge responsibility. I for one love to travel and wouldn’t want to stick an animal in a shelter to be watched. Isn’t having three kids enough responsibility? So right now I like to lavish my kids with animal toys that they can play with such as the Hound Leo play set ¬†from HABA. This cute little puppy is great for imaginative play. No poop to clean up, no dog hair all over and best of all, no barking.


Lauren loves her puppy and he goes everywhere with her now. Kids have a great imagination when it comes to make believe. It’s really neat to see my kids really play with their toys as if they were real. Hound Leo comes with his very own dog bowl, bone and blanket to make him feel right at home!



You can purchase this cute little puppy at HABA for $20

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