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Hearmuffs is protecting little ears preventing loud noises from damaging their little ear drums. Damages from sounds will eventually catch up long term eventually causing hearing loss. It’s our responsibility as parents to keep them protected.  If you’re constantly taking your little ones to events that are loud, you need to protect those little ears.  With a push of a button — a first in the audio industry — HearMuffs Soothe allow parents to speak with their child as little eardrums are protected from loud noises—without pulling off the ear muff to be heard.

Audiologists now recommend kids as young as infants wear hearing protectors to limit exposure to loud noise. Starting at a very young age, HearMuffs protect little ears from potential cumulative damage in the future. Families can enjoy bustling restaurants, amusement parks, stadiums and sporting events knowing every member of the family can be comfortable. Kid-sized HearMuffs are not just trendy but a smart device for every household.

To ensure a perfect fit, each HearMuff comes with a patented GrowBand that adjusts and fits a wide range of head sizes, mainly for small babies. Made with super soft materials, it comfortably protects a child’s tender head. Parents will be happy to discover the GrowBand is machine washable and can be used with newborns up to the age of 4 years.

We attended an air show this weekend and there were parts of the show where the jets were extremely loud. My youngest is not a fan of loud noises at all, it like freaks him out. The Hearmuffs helped protect his sensitive ears from the jets that flew by, which was relieving to know his ears were protected as the sound of the jets hurt even my ears. I was able to talk to him with the push of a button and not have to remove the HearMuffs away from his ear. I was stopped by so many people with kids asking me about the Hearmuffs. Their kids were wearing the basic ones and we completely turned on by the features of these.

While my son was away from the loudness, my daughter wanted to wear them. This is a video to show how loud it actually was.

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