I See Me Personalized Children’s Story Book Review & Giveaway

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I love reading to my children and it’s even more fun when the book includes them in the story! Not many publishers do this for kids and that’s why I love I See Me.


In this adventurous, educational storybook, your child rides a magic carpet around the world to visit countries and places that spell out your child’s first and last name in rhyme. Caden got to explore Cambodia, Australia, Denmark, Ethiopia & Nigeria & each place showed a special gift that is part of their country. The first letter of each of those countries spell out Caden! Then they do the same with  your last name. It’s really neat and Caden loved it!



This keepsake book includes pages featuring an illustrated passport with stamps from the countries that your child has visited and a personalized world map showing your child where these countries are located.My Very Own World Adventure will open young children’s eyes to the diversity of children from around the world while also showing that all children are in many ways the same. Each artist determined what the gift would be from their own country to ensure authenticity. At the end of the book, there is an illustrated encyclopedia describing the gifts that were given by children from each country. Parents can learn even more to teach their child by reading the artists’ descriptions of each world gift.

I also love that you can dedicate this book to a child with a special note on the first page. So sweet!


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