Imagine I Can Create-A-Puppet Giraffe

| March 19, 2013 | 0 Comments
Creative kids like mine need a creative outlet. Manhattan Toy makes a great line of projects your children can do. Like their Create-A-PuppetMake an adorable paper giraffe hand puppet with step-by-step directions and punch out pieces that make creating puppets easy and fun! No scissors or glue needed! Kit includes: pre-cut puppet pieces, yarn, pre-cut double-sided tape pieces and an illustrated instruction sheet.
The Create-A-Puppet Giraffe is the one we were able to put together.
The kids and I started out by laying out all the pieces.
I tried to read the directions and didn’t understand. They were very confusing. I was taking so long trying to figure it out that my kids were dropping like flies due to boredom. Lauren hung in there though. I ended up screwing up the whole tape thing and had to use scotch tape ghetto style.
Once the puppet was done the kids loved it and played with it for hours!
Even though I messed it all up and it had tape all over it turned out so cute!
If your child loves creative imaginary play like mine do head over to
Manhattan Toy and brows through their selection of creative toys.

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