Jimmy’s Green Challenge

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I’m a big advocate on conserving energy and water and teaching a child to remember to help with that can be challenging. Now kids as young as 6 can turn to Jimmy’s Gone Green – a new book that’s part of a larger conservation kit that also includes a poster, green wristbands and a refrigerator magnet. The award-winning book features a green boy who happily shares 10 simple steps for kids to improve the environment, starting today!


The story’s main character empowers children to make small changes in their lives that will impact their world in big ways. After I read the kids the story I put a wristband on their arm. When they have an “oops, forgot to turn off the lights” moment, they physically remove the band from one wrist and move it to the other. The object is to go three days in a row without moving the band. The simple act makes in impression on kids and helps them change their behavior to be more careful. Little by little, children and their families will adopt earth-friendly habits and become more environmentally aware.


 I try to teach and remind my kids to turn lights off, take shorter showers, recycle, it’s a constant process because they forget or they get distracted. Ethan likes to take long showers, Lauren uses way more toilet paper than needed and Caden always forgets to turn lights off. The Jimmy’s Gone Green Book was a great way to kick start & show them how to start making small changes. The wrist bands are a great idea and my kids love a challenge but they didn’t want to keep them on. In fact they were lost with in the second day of having them.


I love the concept and it’s an excellent place to get your kids in the habit of conserving! You can purchase Jimmy’s Green Challenge at Amazon for $19.99

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