JJ Cole Bib Set Review & Giveaway

| September 22, 2012 | 0 Comments
Bibs… Let’s talk..
I knew when I had kids that I wanted more than a piece of terry cloth fabric attached to sting that tied around my child’s neck that had some funny saying on the front.. I needed more.  Something that would help me out. With cloth bibs the foods stained and had to be washed which means no more use that day. I hate doing laundry, let alone wash, by the end of the week 24 bibs sometimes more. It was too much!
JJ Cole Bibs are a life saver! The food easily wipes off with a damp towel and when food falls from your babies mouth it lands right in the front pocket keeping messes from falling on the floor! Not only do they keep me from washing tons of bibs a day but they come in adorable designs. I love the adjustable snaps so it will accommodate your growing child.
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