Joovy Kooper Stroller Review

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I had a great opportunity to review the Joovy Kooper stroller while vacationing and with the stroller acting between an full and umbrella you can’t go wrong!
The Joovy Kooper folds up compactly Weighing a mere 17 lbs and when folded is 13in high, 13in wide and 45in deep.  Perfect for loading on and off the train and into taxi’s!

Comfortable two-position front seat accommodates children from 6 months to 45 lbs enough weight to hold any one of my children! It allows your child to sleep comfortably.  Caden sleped like a champ while we were out and as hot as it was it was nice to have that extra sun coverage.

You can easily recline the seat by pressing the red tab and releasing the strap and to sit the seat back up you  pull the strap to desired seat height and pres the red tab to secure it!
I also love the canopy! These are a great feature on all the Joovy strollers (except the original caboose). The sun coverage is exceptional and the hood also includes a peekabo window to keep a close watch on your child.
What I also LOVE about this stroller is the parent organizer in the back! I was able to store my passports and any other necessities and two water bottles while in port. It was great to have every thing right there in front of me and not have to take a huge purse and worry about people snatching my stuff especially when boarding on the cruise you need to have every thing right there ready..It was very secure and easily accessible!
It also comes with a huge mesh storage basket underneath. I was able to store tons of beach towels underneath. It was nice because on our way back from the beach we had tons of wet towels and
I didn’t have to worry about mold or mildew.
And the locking mechanism in the back is so easy to use and so sturdy. To lock the stroller open, just step on the red locking “button” in the middle. To unlock, lift up with your foot and then push down on the small side one. It folds up nice and small like an umbrella stroller. And the brakes are incredibly sturdy too. You can feel them lock into place, which is very nice.

To name off a few more features it has, (I could go on forever about every little detail if I don’t stop myself, so I’ll start listing):

•Five-point harness to hold baby in place, along with 3 shoulder-height anchor points.

•1680D ultra premium fabric is very high quality, gorgeous, easy to clean, and still nice to touch.

•Huge removable canopy that features a sun shade (I love this! I haven’t seen this anywhere else)

•Infinite position reclining seat that can be adjusted single-handedly.

•In fact, anything on this stroller can be done single-handedly, I’ve used it plenty of times while holding Caden!

•It has 2 cup holders and a zipper pocket on the back

•Deluxe foam handles (need I say more? They really are a nice feature)

•Large, easy to get to storage basket

•All aluminium frame (thus the amazing low weight of 17.9 lbs!)

•4 Quick Release Wheels

•Front Suspension (makes for an oh-so-smooooth ride)

I also noticed while using it on the ship it turnes on a dime.. For those of you who have ever been on a cruise you know how tight some spots are.

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