Joovy Room 2 Ultralight Review

| April 10, 2012 | 0 Comments
Joovy has done it again! Introducing the New Joovy Room2 ultralight! This baby packs a punch compared to other play yards out there! The Joovy Room2 ultralight is huge, but not in a bad way. It weighs in at 21lbs and has 9 square feet of play space! I use it for my 2 year old to nap in and he loved it. Not only was it roomy but it came with a memory foam mattress and a soft cotton sheet! The Room² Ultralight is 30% lighter than the Room² (10 lbs lighter), with upgrades such as Tapered Legs & Walls and a Memory Foam Mattress.


I love that the Joovy Room2 ultralight has tall sides, my toddler was climbing out of his crib and when I put him in the Joovy Room2 he was not able to crawl out. Wahoo for me!I love that the Joovy Room2 has two different fold options. You can fold it up completely and store it in the travel case, or to simple move it from room to room or store it you can fold it up half way.
I would recommend this play yard over any others out there on the market. Go Joovy!Want to buy one? Click HERE to compare prices

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