Kidsme Baby Feeding Set Review

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Feeding requires a division of responsibility between parent and child. The parent is responsible for what the child is offered to eat, and the child is responsible for how much he/she takes. Parents must provide appropriate milk feeding, but they must allow the infant to regulate the amounts. Parents must offer solid foods in response to signs of developmental readiness, but they must let their child take the initiative in accepting foods. Eating is a complex behavior with skills and attitudes that are learned slowly, over time. For the typically developing child, if the relationship around feeding is positive and the food is appropriate, the child will eat and grow, although the amount and range of food may remain limited. The focus in feeding should not be on getting food to the child. Instead, Kidsme™ Feeding Concept will show you how to focus on the feeding relationship and on achieving to help children learning eating skills and positive eating behaviors. The principle underlying all interventions is to establish a smooth and congenial feeding relationship that is appropriate for each child’s developmental stage, nutritional needs, and neuromuscular development.
Kidsme Food Feeder quickly became a parenting essential across the world because of its utility, practicality and stylish appeal. Our continued desire is to provide products that are safe, innovative and inspiring children’s creativity eventually led us to expand into the baby feeding partner with the introduction of milk bottles, training cups and spoon with fork sets. Kidsme would like to grow up heathy and happily with all kids and parents. In 2011, Kidsme Food Feeder has been awarded for “Innovation & Creativity Award” by Hong Kong Awards for Industries (HKAL).
I love the Kidsme food feeder weaning set. It comes with 

2 Food Feeders of Small and Large Size, 6oz. Anti-colic bottle, Multi-purpose brush which is ideal for 4 months up to 2 years old. This set is BPA free and FDA tested which is a must in my household.  This award-winning product provides a safe and easy way for your child to enjoy fresh food at an early age without the risk of choking. Convenient, Hygienic, and Comfortable. Ideal for babies and mommies that are always on the go. Simply put fruit, vegetables or meat into the silicone sac and shut the snap lock. Your child can chew and suck to receive all the nutrients of real food. It helps develop little hand muscle, as well as stimulate motor skills, visual and mouth coordination. It helps promote active / self feeding ability to develop better independence and confidence at a later age. It helps your child to try variety of food at early age and increase their eating interest. It reduces waste food than spoon feeding. The silicone sac has natural shape to provide a better in-mouth feeling. The textured surface around the holes soothes teething pain. Designed to simulate natural feeding This product is easy to clean and top rack dishwasher safe. Different size of replacement sac available for different age. Cap helps keep food fresh and easy for travel. Choose the silicone sac according to the width of the child’s mouth. Special designed bottle to reduce infant colic by keeping air out with the anti-colic valve Silicone nipple with sensitive response sense baby’s pressure and respond with the right amount of liquid. Brush head for gentle cleaning and serious scrubbing. Newly patented design improved from the traditional mesh bag. Easy to clean, durable, and more natural to the baby.

You can purchase this at Kidsme or Amazon

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