Lille Baby Oslo Diaper Bag Review

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You know what diaper bag stands out from the rest of them?

Meet the Lille Baby Oslo diaper bag… the diaper bag that has it all!
I have to say I am in love with this diaper bag. Why you ask! Well let me tell you.
The Lille baby diaper bag has so many features and is water proof and easy to clean.. A must for a diaper bag.
Tons of storage for all the must have necessities. I also the the magnetic
closure. It’s not a dinky magnetic closure either. It’s pretty secure.
This diaper bag contains tons of pockets which include

Generously sized main compartment fits laptop.
Easy access wet wipes dispenser pocket.
Zipped inside pocket for valuables.
Zipped from pocket for essentials.
Air-out easy reach pacifier pocket.
Dispenser pocket for plastic disposal bags.
Wide back pocket for easy access to remove changing pad.
Large ” air-out” side pocket for water or baby bottles.
Side pocket for bottles, also ideal for sunglasses and cell phone.
Two spacious interior pockets for clothing and diapers.
Even some easy access pockets for your baby wipes and tissue!!
Just add your baby wipes through the back and zip it back up. Notice the front has a flap
on it.. that will give you instant access to your wipes and help prevent the wipes from drying.

Then you stick it back the designated spot on the diaper bag and wala! You have
wipes at any second! A must have for all moms on the go. There is also a spot for tissue, just buy a box of tissue and stick it in there! Great for runny noses on the go or minor spills.
One of my favorite features on this diaper bag is the changing pad. I can’t tell you how many times I
have layed a baby down on a cold changing pad only to have them crying during a change. Not this time! They were smart and added a terry cloth pad to prevent cold diaper changes! The terry cloth is also removable and washable!
The Lille Baby Oslo Diaper back has many uses when transporting, this is an example on a bugaboo
stroller.  The Lille Baby Diaper bag has many different straps/hooks to configure to fit your needs.
There are two hooks in the center sides of the diaper bag. These hooks will allow you to
hook the diaper bag onto your stroller.
Two button loop straps on each side on the bottom. These straps keep the bottom
of the diaper bag from swinging. That has to be on my ten top annoying things.
I love the strap on the diaper bag because it has a removable soft pad where your shoulder
goes. This will help prevent sore shoulders or pressure marks. This is also another
 way to transport your diaper bag onto a stoller if you just simply
want to hang and if you need to remove the diaper bag in an instant.
This strap is also removable for your convenience.
I use the shoulder strap to hang on my stroller usually when I am at Disneyland and I need to take the diaper bag with me. I have a Phil & Teds vibe with a second seat. I love to have the diaper bag hooked down below. Not only does it keep the stuff in my basket secure but it gives me easy access to my items in the diaper bag. I only put the diaper bag down below if I am not using the second seat. If I have the second seat attached the Diaper bag hangs higher.
This picture show the diaper bag strapped below using the bottom two button staps
and the two middle hooks.
This is a picture of the diaper bag hanging using the arm strap
I’v got even MORE exciting new about this AWESOME diaper bag!! It turns
into a backpack! Yes you heard me right!! A back pack! Simply remove the pad from the
shoulder strap, hook one end of the strap on one corner of the diaper bag, thread it through
the straps on the top of the diaper bag then hook the other end of the shoulder strap onto the
other bottom corner! It’s that easy!
The Lille Baby Oslo Diaper bag comes in four basic colors
Baby Dash Gives Lille Baby a A+. I love how they actually cared about the needs of parents
and the babies! That’s when you can tell that a company is good.

You can head over to Lille Web site and brows through their items or you can find them on Facebook

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