Mamas & Papas Activity Toy – Babyplay – Tummy Time Review

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Bright & Interactive toys are a thing in my house. I turn to Mamas & Papas when I purchase toys just for that reason. The new Baby Play tummy time toy is a perfect addition to their already awesome toy line!


The baby play is perfect for newborns and up. I know newborns don’t do much but you can lay it by their side and let them gaze and goo at all the shapes and colors. Once their old enough for tummy time then let them lay on it. This is when they learn to grab for the hanging accessories might even find the musical button.┬áThen they learn to sit up! At this age they’ll be able to really discover the features such as the mirror, rattle, music or teething ring. Pretty much what ever they want. I think this toy is way more fun for a baby to use when they are more active.

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The Mama’s & Papas Baby Play can be used for as long as the child is interested in playing with it. My 4-year-old loves to sleep with it. It’s like his new cuddle buddy. The accessories are adorable, the mirror is great and there is┬álots of fun little noises that will be sure to keep your little one entertained. This would be great to give as a baby shower gift or a 1st birthday gift.

You can purchase this for $29.99 at most baby retailers or the Mamas & Papas store online.

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