Mamas & Papas – Galaxy – Mobile & Activity Center Review

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The Mama’s & Papas Galaxy mobile and activity 
center is a 3 in 1 activity toy for your baby!
There are three ways to play:
Mobile for bed and daytime fun
Detach the mobile to form a crib activity toy
and also turns into a floor toy

The mobile offers a unique light show and reward baby when interacting with MAGIC toys and touch pad. It stimulates key senses through light and sound stored on every MAGIC card. I also love that it’s MP3 compatible! Great way to put baby to sleep with their favorite tunes! 
It’s great for newborns up to age 6 months. When your child turns 6 months the mobile turns into a crib toy. Just detach the mobile and wala!

The Mamas and Papas mobile has tons of cool features attached to it such as:
Rotating discd as mobile turns
Black and white hanging toys that stimulate vision
Music and lights
High quality sound
Interactive pull toys
Moveable hanging toys
Detachable mirror
Bright color to attract babys gaze
Carry handle for easy transportation
Interactive touch keys
Spinning Rattle
Three detachable hanging toys

Then what’s awesome is when your baby is ready to sit (6+) on 
their own it turns into a floor toy! I love the fact that Mamas & papas made a toy
that will grow with your baby!
Can my 3 year old loves to play with this as a floor toy. I don’t have the bar attached 
because he’s a little rough with
For the parents:

The Mamas & Papas Galaxy Mobile & Activity Center is very easy to navigate and set up. The buttons
that control the musoc and volume are right in the back where the stand is and also where the 
music card is inserted. 

The MP3 player is located on the side. I was able to plug my Iphone in. There is also conveniently a slot to put your MP3 player in for safety. 


You can purchase this for $179 at most retailers. I would highly recommend
the Mamas and Papas Galaxy Mobile as a gift!

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