Mamas & Papas Tour Stroller Review

| October 30, 2010 | 0 Comments
The Mamas and Papas Tour is designed as a lightweight solution for holidays and days out. This stroller is pretty much the exact same as it’s compeditor MaClaren and will run you $229.. The tour stroller weighs 14 pounds and will hold a child up to 50 pounds. My 5 year old can easily ride in this.
The Tour stroller comes with a five point harness and a lockling clip to keep the little ones locked in.. I have to say though the only thing I didn’t really like is the locking clip because its one of those tricky puzzle clips you have to put together before you actually clip it and its a little heavy. I feel it delays the quick clipping process especially when you have a child who is fussy and does not want in the stroller.. Very difficult.
 It has a decent sized canopy (could be bigger) with a peekaboo window. The tour stroller also has a little storage pouch which is nice to store small items. The tour stroller also comes with a rain cover to keep those little ones dry in the winter.

It is easy to open and close and has a clip to keep it together. It has a carry handle and a shoulder strap and when folded it is quite small.

 The seat  reclines quite a bit compared to most strollers of this type which was great, all you do is adjust the teether to desired height.
The foot rest also has two positions, lowered for a bigger child and upper for a smaller child.
The shopping basket is quite big, but it is hard to get items in and out of it, and almost impossible when the backrest is reclined.
Another issue I had was the steering is a little jerky, I think it is something to do with the front wheels but it is not a huge problem also the way they have the braking system set up.. Notice the bar by the back wheels? That is connected to each brake.. I guess to make it easier or some thing?? Well, the brakes on this stroller are EXTREMELY difficult to use. I literally have to use all the strength in my arms to unlock them.. Yes.. I said arms because there is NO WAY you can unlock the brakes with your foot unless your foot is made of lead. Locking the breaks is also difficult.
There is not much to this stroller because it’s very simple which is good for a light weight umbrella stroller.

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