METALI The Robot

| May 1, 2017 | 0 Comments

My children love to build things so when they saw Metali the robot they were very excited! It’s a build-able robot that buzzes and lights up when metal objects are detected. My 8 year old had this robot going faster than expected and he was so proud of himself!

My youngest had a blast building his robot! Though, he did need some help, he did most of the assembly himself. The instructions were very helpful and very thorough. It was also very helpful to have pictures for visual aid.

Once he was done he inserted the batteries and his robot was complete! Now time for the fun!

My youngest wanted it to travel around the house but since we have a dog who will probably think it’s his toy and an always spotless house, this little robot will have no chance at finding metal.. So we stuck Metali on the floor and put out metal things in front of it and watched as Metali buzzed as he found metal.  It was pretty fun and exciting!

The Metali the robot is perfect for children and a plus as a gift! You can purchase on the web site for $29.99!

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