Mexican Riviera Cruising Carnival Spirit

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I love cruising, especially with Carnival Cruise lines! I can’t tell you haw many times I have cruised with them, but it’s enough to get V.I.P treatment and free Captains parties every time. There is nothing like sailing the ocean and being pampered. It’s my favorite form of traveling.
Carnival Cruise Line is the only one I travel with!


Some parents are hesitant on bringing their little ones with them on a cruise. I was opposite. I embraced every moment. My sister & I took our 1 year olds on their first cruise & every year after that. If you want adult time you can let your kids have fun in Camp Carnival where they will want to stay all day if  they could.

The Basics:
There are many different types of rooms to choose from depending on your budget and your family size. We always get the State room with the balcony. There is nothing like the feeling of cruising the ocean at night and during the day sitting on your own private deck relaxing. It’s even better when you see flying fish and dolphins through out the trip. I also love  that every morning is a new towel animal on the bed. The kids love that!

The ship has its fun side but if you want to feel sight seeing the ship you’ll find
that there is tons of eye candy. The beauty & detail is amazing.

Food is not a concern on Carnival. With the all you can eat buffet you can’t go wrong. This was our choice of meals because it’s easier and the kids can eat what they want. Yes, we did dine in the dining room only when it was fancy dress night. It was a blast because the waiters will bust out and dance.

Lauren & her new friend

The Lido deck is the place to be if you want to bask in the sun, swim in the pool, have a few drinks, eat  an unlimited amount of ice cream & pig out at the buffet. The kids love to spend their time here. There is also an arcade and golfing for the older kids who are too cool to hang by the pool.

Shopping & playing in the casino are fun also! My mom and I
ended up on the board for blackjack 😉

You get great discounts on some nice
stuff! You can’t take kids in the casino, obviously. That’s just adult fun.

The Captains Party is by invite only. It consists of Bingo, a show, free drinks and snacks.
Another one of my favorite things to do on the ship. The kids love it.

The excursions:

Manzanillo, Mexico

 I have to say there is not much to do here at all except go in the shops and they all carry the same items which makes it really boring. Plus it’s hot so make sure to bring bottled water from the ship. Lauren really wanted to get her hair braided which made it more enjoyable for her.
Xtapa, Mexico
This was a place to hang by the beach and swim and maybe do a little shopping. We had a nice spot underneath a cabana which was really nice for shade.The waiter kept bringing us beer and we were hounded by people to buy stuff and there was also great music. Its Mexico.What do you expect. It was a fun day and the kids really enjoyed it!
Acapulco, Mexico 
This was our last stop before heading home. Again their wasn’t much to do here. We ended rushing to find a place to get some cold drinks because it was really hot! This place was the only decent place we could find that was close to the ship.
Then after rehydrating we ended up walking to a Museum that was in walking distance. 
They had some really neat stuff there. 
After we spent time her we go back on the ship for our trek back. I loved being on the Carnival Spirit! The employees made us feel so loved. One of my favorite things about cruising Carnival cruise lines is the different cultures of people from all over the world. It’s amazing!
Who says you cant cruise with kids?

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