Miles from Tomorrowland

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It’s mission time!

I have to say my kids loved the movie Miles from Tomorrowland and what a better way to bring the mission home than to have toys from Tomy that will let your child imagine that they are part of that movie!


Yes! Your child can role play by going on adventures using the super awesome Superstellar Blastboard!


Miles rockets through the cosmos in nanoseconds on his Blastboard and your child can, too! Choose from three different game modes to practice balance skills on the Blastboard such as “Blastboard Surfing!” Keep up with Miles’ Blastboard surfing directions to complete the mission, Light Speed!” Lean towards the flashing lights as fast as possible and Miles frequently moves to his own beat, and your child can too with “Let’s Race!” Your child can race against herself and move in any direction she chooses with the music.

IMG_3491 2

Love figurines? My child loves them, especially the Maximum Miles figurine. Not only does he get to role play as if he’s in the movie, but he gets to play with his new favorite figurine from the movie which also comes with it’s own Blastboard! Brave and confident, Miles loves going on blastastic space adventures! Miles zips around on his particle-driven Blastboard and uses his laser-powered Laserang to explore space. Fully-equipped with his removable space helmet, Laserang, and Blastboard, Miles is ready for any adventure. Laserang is easily moved from Miles’ backpack to his right hand to trigger sound effects. Miles lights up his Blastboard when he is placed on it to blast around the cosmos. Maximum Miles can ride Maximum Merc (sold separately) for more space-adventure fun!


What a great gift for any child who loves to let their imagination soar! This has been a big hit in my house and can’t wait for the next birthday party we have to attend! You can purchase this set at Tomy or other local retailers such as Toys R Us, Walmart, Target and Amazon where you can find all your favorite characters from the movie “Miles from Tomorrowland”.

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