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The minui HandySitt is a Modern High Chair seating system for kids 7 months — 5 years old is made up of two separately sold parts. When combined, the minui HandySitt Chair and Portable Seat form a freestanding high chair. When detached, the Chair is a seat for older kids and a sturdy step stool.

The portable Seat is ideal for taking to restaurants or grandma’s house.The Minui is a booster seat/highchair alternative, meaning that it’s not quite like anything else out there. It’s a very simple, smart product: It unfolds effortlessly into a seat that hooks onto the back of your regular chairs and puts your little one a little higher and closer to the table. (It’s great for restaurant use as well—we always carry ours along now. It’s so much cleaner than those used-by-thousands-of-kids chairs they provide! And at 5 lbs. and with its completely flat fold, it’s a breeze to take with you.) It’s safe for kids ages 6 months to 5 years and includes a 3-point harness system. The fit is very versatile—it can be used on round-backed or square-backed chairs and works on a variety of heights. So far, we’ve only found one chair it wouldn’t work on.

This modern high chair comes in five different colors to choose from to match your home decor.

When purchasing a HandySitt Seat you will get three different restraint systems to choose from: 3-point harness, 5-point harness and Safety Bar. Each of the three solutions is easily fitted and dismantled, thus contributing to enhancing the functionality of the Seat.

The choice between harness or bar is largely a matter of personal preference. The 5-point harness can easily be adjusted to lend optimal support – therefore it is especially well suited for small children just learning to sit on their own. In comparison the 3-point harness gives less support but more freedom of movement – accordingly this is a good choice for toddlers. Harnesses as well as Safety Bar can be purchased separately, and thus the choice can be adapted to the development of the child.

When I opened the box it looked fairly simple. Though I do not like directions what so ever. I unfolded the chair and put it on the dining chair, well it pretty much was hanging and was not sitting on the chair like it was suppost to.. I thought maybe it was because we have a counter height table? Well no.. it’s because I didn’t read the directions. There is one black knob on each side of the booster which you loosen to extend the arms to fit the chair!

I love that it folds up companct so you can take it anywhere!
I love that when you purchace
 this seat you also have the option to buy accessories!

There’s a video on their website that shows how easy it is to set up and use. I love the design, the practicality of the seat, the price… pretty much everything about it. I can easily just store it in my pantry and forget all about it until I need it. How’s that for convenient? The seat alone will run you $129.95 and if you want the chair wich you use to turn it into a high chair that will run you $169.95.


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