Modarri “The Ultimate Toy Car”

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Modarri is a favorite in our house hold with my boys. It’s a build able, customizable car! What isn’t there to love! So, what’s new in the world of Modarri?

 Thoughtfull Toys, Inc., the maker of Modarri, presents their new monthly subscription. This new sustainable toy car program is called the Quarter Car Club (QCC), where members receive a quarter of a car each month, based on a subscription service of $5 a month—or about a quarter a day. The QCC debuted on Kickstarter on Thursday July 7th, and reached its fundraising goal in less than two hours! Within the first weekend, the campaign has reached 479% of its goal. The campaign will remain active until July 29th.

modarriThe modest subscription service extends the life (and wardrobe) of every fan’s selection, and is a realistic commitment and attainable goal for even the youngest of Modarri collectors. The immediate funding of Modarri’s next phase of community-building testifies to the accessibility and value that the QCC provides, and the sustainability that this model offers. Other toymakers are now challenged to provide options for extending the lives of their own products and offering customizable options for collecting and play.

Each Modarri car comes packaged with a body, fender, traffic cones, decals, and other detail accessories. The color(s), license plate, and exterior motifs of every single Modarri are all completely customizable, and open to individual interpretation, creating a highly personal, unique, and special model. The QCC is a simple, cost-effective way of slowly expanding a child’s Modarri collection, teaching her patience and prompting creative combinations, permutations, and deviations—bringing a sense of appreciation to the new auto part that arrives every month. A child will watch his Modarri collection multiply, visualizing the multiple new combinations that are opened up with each new delivery. Many Modarri families report that a quarter a day is a realistic goal for even the smallest collectors, using the amount as motivation to complete one simple task or chore daily. The aggregate reward is a great payoff to remind kids to stay on track.

modarri parts

The average child already has too many toys—creating a situation where none are appreciated, or hold anyone’s attention, for very long. Modarri’s system of modular cars appeals to every child’s need to be challenged: introducing one new quarter at a time presents a situation where she can experience exponential amounts of new car combinations with each new piece added to the collection. The craftsman-like quality of Modarri cars ensure that they stand up to years of experimentation and collisions!—while teaching every collector at a young age that every part should be acknowledged, creating a tradition of amassing fewer, more high-quality and adaptable toys. The change in play habits is greener, more economical, and constructive, as well as more environmentally sustainable.

The QCC is more than just a membership—it’s a community. Collectors register each new Modarri car online with the unique license plate number imprinted on each car, and benefit by receiving special offers and invitations, as well as participating in a platform toconnect with other kids by sharing ideas for combinations, obstacle courses, races, design tips, and more. Modarri also organizes the occasional meet-up—a special event where kids can make new friends and racing partners.


Younger Modarri enthusiasts benefit from the customization and design process due to the cars’ STEM exercises. The STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) challenges that the Modarri experience offers escalates in complexity with each quarter addition. Boys and girls use cross-disciplinary skills to engage with the product, using the machinations and customization options to create a car that is well-designed, sharp, and reflects their personality and priorities for self-expression while engaging each other and in some healthy competition! While safe spaces for children to indulge in physical, open-ended play are shrinking, Modarri offers a world of possibilities and imaginative exchange, whether young collectors work on their creations solo or in groups, at any age group.


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