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As a mom of three Children safety is my number one priority especially when traveling or running errands. I don’t feel safe when my phone dies and I don’t have the place or time to charge it quickly. I really rely on my phone when away from home.
Mophi makes the Mophi Juice Pack Power station. What is the Mophi Juice pack for you ask? Great question! The Mophi Juice Pack Power Station will charge your smart phones & tablets on the go! I mean on the go!! You can charge your device from your purse, pocket, virtually anywhere!
This power station uses your phone USB cord to charge your device in half the time! When your power station runs out of juice all you have to do is connect your Mophi power station to you computers USB. You can also charge your power station in your car using a USB inlet.
The power station is their most powerful battery yet, boasting 4000 mAh and super highoutput charging with unmatched capacity for its compact size. With charging output of up to 2.1 amps, the powerstation can handle the battery needs of any iDevice including the iPad, as well as wide-range of USB-enabled devices that you can find in their power station compatibility chart.
The power station includes a special high-output battery the provides ultra-fast charging thats 4 times faster than traditional USB batteries! Additionally, improved conversion efficiency means more power actually makes it to your device. The new juice pack power station charger features a black soft-touch finish exterior, outer metal band, six-light “invisible” LED status indicator and improved conversion efficiency for maximum power transfer from battery to device.
Yesterday I used my Mophi Power Pack for the first time. We ran out of the house and I knew my phone battery was on red. I plugged my Iphone into the Mophi and instantly began charging. I placed both Mophi and my Phone in my purse and let it charge. 
I love that the Mophi Power pack is compact. It also has a soft feel to it which is great if you’re sticking it in your pocket! I feel so much better as a traveling parent knowing I have a battery backup for my phone and other devices. 
You can purchase your Mophi Power Station HERE
There are different varieties and prices to meet your needs. 

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